Amelia, a glamorous look

My bride wanted a dramatic glamorous makeup look that would be perfect against the backdrop of her stunning Biltmore wedding. So I decided to give her an attention-grabbing, smoldering eye. I created this by using 3 different shades of browns that would melt into each other.  Personally, I prefer the word smoldering versus smoky. Smoking is bad for you anyways hahah! A hint of copper on the rim also helped amplify her gorgeous blue-green eyes. We used a moisturizing foundation to give her skin a more ‘dewey’ effect.  The word dewey can scare brides. Just assure them the effect we are giving is a beautiful enhanced glow not greasy. For her lips,  I chose a frosted pink Chanel lipstick to complement the copper brown shadows.  You have to be cautious friends, to follow the lead of the bride’s request but complement the dress with your makeup application. It’s a thin line I love walking on haha! When accomplished well, the result is a glamorous confident bride ready for her GRAND entrance! This is a stunning look for any evening wedding, ladies.


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