Carlie, a boudoir affair









I had soooo much fun doing this shoot with my sweet Bride, Carlie and the fantastic photographer, Thu! Carlie let us turn her professional, conservative straight hair into a head full of body and sexy curls. We used 2 soft grey satin finish shadows to accent the blue in her eyes and black liquid liner. I used my favorite Dior pink on the lips for a kissable pout. Pucker up!! Her porcelain skin was mildly highlighted in rose shimmer by Bobbi Brown to give her a subtle dim light glow. The complete look was softly applied to fit this romantic french-inspired boudoir shoot. A boudoir album is an intimate and memorable gift that your soon-to-be spouse will cherish for a lifetime. This album was delivered to her beau on the wedding day and he was speechless! With such an intimate shoot you really need to choose a photographer you’re comfortable with and trust. I just looove working with the uber-talented photographer Thu Tran. She makes her clients feel comfortable whether they are in a wedding dress or lingerie and your laughing the entire time! You need to be able to laugh when your in your skivvies!! Check her site out if you’re still searching for a charismatic photographer for any occasion!


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