Jamie, porcelain perfection

Cargill (71 of 1020)
For Jamie, I really wanted to take advantage of her beautiful porcelain skin by highlighting and keeping the skin dewey. The skin was pearlescent and glowing. I was cautious not to over due the highlighter though because you can go from glowing to gleaming really fast with a highlighter if your not careful. With a porcelain skin beauty and a dramatic eye, you can accidentally get gothic very easily. Though sometimes a gothic Bride is fitting that was not her request haha! We brought deep drama to the eye with a smoldering application of plums and berries to complement her wedding colors without looking out of sync with the classic elegance of her dress. Every angle was flawless and she looked on the outside just like the Bride she felt like on the inside, which was a Bride glowing with happiness and love!


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